Photo by Elisabet Davids

Photo by Elisabet Davids

Born in Chile and raised in Sweden, Giovanna Badilla has spent more than 15 years working in fashion in a variety of capacities including Creative Director, Photo Art Director, Photographer and  Producer. 

8 years ago, she founded progressive print magazine and online platform The WILD in order to give voice to the premise that fashion, design and style are not mutually exclusive from the social and cultural issues impacting the world. As editor-in-chief of The WILD, Giovanna has featured some of the most prominent artists, icons and activists of our time.

She is able to develop visually striking content for both print and online media within the fashion and e-com sector.

A versatile conceptual thinker and speaker of four languages, Giovanna counts her multi-cultural background and diverse global experience as a source of professional inspiration, and understand not only current fashion trends, but also marketing and brand objectives as they relate to the needs of today’s modern and digitally-savvy consumer. 

She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and two cats.